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What is the S.S.R.C.?

There is nothing like having a tool handy when you need it. It has always been a balancing act to support your firearm when not in the case or holster. If you lean your rifle against a cleaning table, tailgate, bumper, blind support, or chair in many fall over. There may not always be a corner to lean into and if you are working at a cleaning table there is only so much space to have on top of the table itself. The SSRC is such a simple design but weighted enough (weights in at 14.5 Oz) to support or cradle most all firearms. Set the SSRC on a flat surface (tailgate, bumper, shooting table, cleaning table, chair, blind, tree stump…you get the idea) and bingo, instant support stand for the firearm. Can you also shoot with it? Heck yes you can. Be able to sight in a scope or sight by just resting the stock into the cradle sitting upright and you have a support to dial it in. With a handgun you can just cradle your wrist in the same opening and the SSRC provides just enough flex to absorb some recoil. What a great way to lean a new handgun or have some feel comfortable supporting for the first time. The SSRC, works as great on the range as it does in the woods or lake or wherever you need a portable support set up for your firearm. It fits in many rifle cases, your pocket, or gear bag. Made from USA Thermo-plastic , it holds up to higher temperatures than rubber and best part does not have an odor, even when warm. It is durable, weatherproof, and for under $20, this USA made accessory should be part of every shooters gear.

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Thanks to Dustin Warncke for reviewing our product! Dustin was not paid or encouraged to review the SSRC in any way but truthfully.

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